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Selected Discography

John Crawford has played on over 30 commercially released albums- here are some of the most memorable.

Ola Onabule - Point Less

British Nigerian singer/songwriter Ola Onabule's 9th studio album is a beautiful and poignant collection of songs recorded with a world class group of musicians

Shirley Smart- Long Story Short

Brilliant and versatile cellist, Shirley Smart's Trio debut album, with the charismatic Demi Sabat on percussion and guests Nikki Illes, Nicolas Meier, and Orphy Robinson




ISQ 1 & 2



An eclectic group comprising four members with very diverse tastes in music, as evidenced in their two albums so far










Led by dazzling trumpet maestro Shanti Paul Jayasinha, a group which explores improvisation in world music with very interesting results.






Jorge Bravo, Imposturas


Stunning guitarist hailing from Chile currantly resident in the UK, Jorge also appears on John's album in 3 specially arranged songs for his unique take on flemenco guitar playing






Grupo X, X-posure


A project that broke off from the busy Salsa Band "La Clave" to focus on more home-grown grooves, to produce an album that was short-listed for the Latin Grammys in 2001






Eleonora Claps- Stars


A unique collaboration with this superb Italian singer/songwriter, which features some of John's arrangements aswell as some outstanding originals.






Us3- Schizophrenic


The Platinum selling band that is the brainchild of producer Geoff Wilkinson has made 10 albums and John has played on three of them including this classic from 2006








Vida Nova- It's Our Dance


This Brazilian/Jazz project no longer exists sadly but produced two memorable album which include many of John's compositions and arrangements of classic Brazilian tunes. The Japanese edition (shown here) put both albums on the same cd.








Rui Veloso- Avenidas


In 1998 John was invited to play on best-selling Portuguese singer/songwriter Rui Veloso's album Avenidas. A great album with much Blues influence with some great musicians featured aswell.










Club Brasil- Sangue Latino 1 & 2


Drawing from the members of Vida Nova, Michael Mitchell's Brazilian funk project Club Brasil made 3 albums and featured more of John's arragements and many awesomely talented musicians including Guida de Palma, Victoria Newton, Finn Peters and Lisa Brown
















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